88% of new construction apprenticeship starters are male

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  1. I wonder what the male starting rate in the areas of nursing, teaching, law, veterinary science and medicine was?

  2. Given the long work hours and mostly working on sites away from home, that isn’t so surprising!

  3. There are many careers, including some very prestigious careers, where most entrants are female. When did you last read a report suggesting that any such case was a problem?

    If women got half the jobs in all the fields where they are currently a minority, as well as retaining their current share in fields where they are in the majority, what would the male unemployment rate be?

    A world which is fair to individuals does not require all opportunities to be allocated between different groups of people in exact proportions to their numbers. The fallacious idea that it does is illogical, unethical, and is doing mounting harm to society. Different groups of people are, well, different, and if they are left to make free choices, as they should be, they will, on average, and with many individual exceptions, which aren’t a problem, make different decisions. Many of the career choices that women more often prefer, such as medicine and nursing, are commendable.

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