Amphibious ‘Grand Design’ ready to take to the water

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  1. The architect should give prompt reply/solution to the problem raised as this will enable others to accept the concept and may contribute to house flood problems worldwide.

  2. Long live the innovators! Now why did those who built the City
    of Venice or even those who built Amsterdam not thought of the very same idea!?? It certainly does solve the flooding
    problem and has great potential for worldwide application in all flood prone regions!

  3. I would be interested to know how Peter Weston can make such assumptions based on a tv show which is obviously scripted. Perhaps he can then explain how the professional builders are 7 1/2 months late, still not finished, and over budget by more than the first builders (who were part of the original design team) asked for on a fixed price contract. I usually find it helps to be in the possession of some facts before posting online.

  4. Just watched Grand Design again. Like previous comment. . How are services connected ?

  5. It was really interesting to see public and professional responses to this episode of Grand Designs on twitter on Wednesday night.

    There’s always the carping about clients with highly ambitious plans and (thanks to enthusiastic editing by Channel 4 no doubt) apparently bottomless pockets. However the general feeling seemed to be more ‘these people are bonkers, but hats off to them’.

  6. I knew the outcome of this project but not the journey, so really interesting to watch (and read the twitter comments). How did the clients stay so calm??!

  7. I watched this programme and I loved it, from the well out-of-their-depth builders at the start that could not organise a pub crawl in a brewery, to the builders that did take it on and used some brains on it. There were better ways than a hand-cranked pontoon to get the materials across!! But the design was solidly done and thought out. As usual Kevin was Mr Negative rather than supportive and sarcastic and as ever health and safety does not apply to anyone dealing with Kevin and Grand Designs. Its such a joke that we now say in the site inductions, ” this is not grand designs and you will abide by safety rules given here” lol

  8. I really would like to know how they connected the services and sewage.

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