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  1. Although still employed, I believe that my age (57 years) is against me in terms of seeking new employment. I have sent various recruitment agencies my CV (which excludes my DoB) for positions that I am well qualified to secure. In all cases, the Agency very quickly contact me confirming my suitability and at the same time requesting my DoB. When I query why they need to know, they say that it is essential information for their records. Needless to say, I give them the information but never hear from them again – strange that. I’m suspicious that the DoB information is being used to eliminate me, either by the Agency or Recruiter. Any comments from the panel?

  2. I have been working in the construction industry for more than 30 years, initially as an electrician then progressing through to supervisor and manager.

    I and qualified in both building services and construction management, thinking that a combined knowledge and experience in these areas would make my employment safer in future recessions, it would appear not.

    Since returning to university and qualifying in 2006 I have only managed one permanent position and lost that due to the company going into liquidation.

    I currently live in Glasgow and am willing to travel up to a 50 mile radius for a position, though there does not appear to be any work other than QS or Business Development (sales) in Scotland?

    I have traveled and lived in England for 15 years and missed out so much on the family life that I would like to spend time at home and attempt to build a life at home, any suggestions?

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