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Backpack brings mobile capabilities to virtual reality

Tech company HP has launched a virtual reality backpack that could be used by the construction industry to explore virtual buildings.

The Z VR Backpack is wearable as a workstation and connects easily to VR goggles.

It would enable construction workers to wander through buildings on a virtual walk-through simulating any stage of the build process.

The backpack was unveiled at UK at Digital Construction Week last week.

It has been developed from an original model designed for gamers after HP realised the potential for business users.

A Digital Construction Week spokesman said: “Applications have moved on from basic stakeholder engagement to in-depth walk-throughs and project delivery planning to use in health and safety and onsite training.

“The backpack will offer greater flexibility and open up a number of new opportunities for users looking to explore large areas in virtual reality or requiring greater range of movement.”

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