Balfour redesigns crane base to discourage trespassers

Crane climbers scale cranes on construction sites and frequently post their antics to social media (Image: Unsplash/Keshi Kangrang)

Balfour Beatty has completely redesigned its crane base enclosure system to discourage trespassers from attempting to climb its cranes.

Crane climbing has been popularised by so-called ‘urban explorers’ many of whom video themselves in the process and post their antics to YouTube.

Balfour Beatty had already put a system in place in a bid to prevent the practice. Its existing crane base enclosure system uses mesh panels connected to a 6m-tall, lockable security enclosure which prevented access to the crane for unauthorised personnel, including both on-site personnel and members of the public.

Balfour Beatty’s redesigned crane base enclosure system

But the new system has been enhanced to make it more easily useable, at the same time as improving safety measures.

It now features a vertical mesh alignment, rather than horizontal, to deter external climbing. Balfour has also designed the system with modular panels to make it easier to install and dismantle. Meanwhile, a security fan has been added at the top of the enclosure to discourage climbers.

The contractor worked in collaboration with its tower crane business team, the client on one of its large projects and a police liaison to redesign the system.

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