BIM could police compliance with Building Regs

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  1. Whilst Richard is correct that BIM lends itself to the checking of Building Regulations, Health and Safety in construction is not rule-based. It relies on human beings making informed, intelligent judgements leading to suitable risk management decisions. I feel that in this area, BIM taking over entirely from the HSE is still a very long way off.

  2. I would agree with Richard’s comment that BIM would be suitable for the automated checking of prescriptive rules, however the building regulations technical requirements are in fact functional, goal based and not prescriptive. What I do agree with is that BIM could assess a design against the statements in the currrently approved guidance documents leaving building control professionals to deal with the many aspects of design that vary from the guidance and their on site compliance checking role. Crucially BIM’s role in the process must not be regarded as an opportunity to further reduce professional fees for a building control body’s checking service.

  3. I think there are a number of factors here. Firstly BIM is only a tool that does some of the more mundane things , freeing us up to do the clever thinking and some fun stuff like having a walk on the beach.

    So in this context, a BIM app or plug in could do all the basic rules based checking and compliance, leave a Case Officer or Manager to do the intelligent checking.

    The value/fees discussion is a different subject. The value that BIM creates and makes possible is proving difficult to quantify as there isn’t a lot of hard independently assessed evidence out there.

    However, from what I can see, BIM will create value for you whatever your role, and at whatever stage in the asset lifecycle.

    In some cases this can be many times the original investment in terms of quantified value.

    Indeed there are instances where businesses are achieving more with less and enhancing profit margins. No doubt this could be applied to LA Building Control depts and Safety Managers. Whether this is an argument for reducing fees I’m doubtful.
    But if you can enhance your margins with less resource, BIM can provide a competitive edge, and we’re going to see this in action before too long. Do the math.

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