BIM’s legal stumbling blocks: what you need to know

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  1. Wow! A reasonably decent article on the legal aspects of BIM for once, apart from the slightly sensationalist headline. But you can’t have everything. I would disagree on just a couple of points. 1 – I think fear of the unknown and the head in the sand approach to innovation is stifling BIM take up and in my view is the biggest problem we face. Too many even now are kicking this into the long grass, and it will turn and bite very soon, particularly in terms of profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace. 2 – the UK approach is world leading, and widely recognised as such, and we are one of few countries to have a full intellectual framework in place before implementation, sadly it is just at home in the UK this isn’t recognised. Hence this is why the UK standards are being adopted around the world providing export opportunities and our standards are forming the basis for ISO and EN standards.
    The article is correct though in identifying the deficiencies in the Level 2 mandate – it now applies to just 25% of the industry and there is no level 2 policeman! So we have to look to other reasons for adoption such as profitability, efficiency, competitiveness and just staying in business. Not to forget the overwhelming digitisation of society and as a consequence our industry has to follow suit to continue to exist. Read the Farmer Report.

  2. John, thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

    In relation to your points made, I am in agreement that our approach to adopting BIM is fundamentally the biggest problem and stumbling block, however, my thoughts are that this is exacerbated by the other practical implications of not having full adoption.

    In relation to the UK approach, again, I am in agreement – my frustration (for lack of a better word) is not with our world leading approach to BIM, and our technological capabilities, but that this practice is not industry wide. It is analogous to the “1%” – BIM Level 2 at its highest level exists in the UK, but not everyone can either afford to adopt it, or, more worryingly, aren’t aware it exists.

    Thanks again for the comments, and if there is anything else, please do share and let me know. I am always interested in what we as an industry can do better to promote the use and adoption of BIM.

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