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Blockchain could hold the key to unlocking BIM Level 3

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  1. I agree with the comment “The coverage of construction’s poor productivity is excessive” and yet BIM methodology has been implemented in projects from as far back as the turn of the century…almost 17 years ago.
    Yet we are still discussing the same issues pertinent to the industry and therefore the real question should be: is BIM actually working?.
    In hindsight all those years ago BIM did work; without any additional costs passed onto the client, but today it so entrenched with complex procedures and administration that the opportunity for improved efficiencies in the industry has been lost.
    Continually adding tiers of admin and procedure with new levels of complexity will not change that.

  2. Mr Thompson is on the right track but it goes back way further than ‘the turn of the century’. The abbreviation has become an acronym and is used too broadly but what the actual BIM-bit using digital technology provides is (at last) the means, and an imperative because of the investment involved, to more easily do what Bossom in the early part of the previous century was saying and any number of other reports through that century said we should do up to and including Latham and Egan. My favourite is “Interdependence and Uncertainty – a study of the building industry” by the Tavistock Institute in 1966. What the still failing parts of the industry demonstrate is that vested interests, often cowering under the claim of ‘survival’ to put the protagonists for improvement off the scent, always seems to trump objectivity and logic in these things (“failing” of course refers to society not necessarily the shareholders and directors)

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