Call for building control ‘culture change’ post Grenfell

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  1. Murphy v Brentwood removes a Local Authority Building Control responsibility for economic loss, which has for twenty or so years allowed Local Authorities to starve their Building Control of resources, both technical and financial. This with the diminished role of Site Engineers and Clerks of Works has removed the on site checks and balances. The last disaster that made central government concern, was Ronan Point fifty years ago,(killing four people); will the current Government now provide the necessary resources and statutory controls to enable the Building Control professionals to fully protect the public in an environment that is becoming more densely populated.

  2. BC officers need more training. Just have to look at them reviewing door blower test results! Also it would help if they surveyed every house not just a sample. If significant problems arise they should take the knock on their insurance?

  3. It’s not just building control that needs a shake up Health and Safety regulators need to wake up. Every week fatalities occur in the construction industry, sometimes more than one.

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