CIOB adds support to New Homes Ombudsman

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  1. A step in the right direction but we need to address the more fundamental issue of workmanship. In general the standard of workmanship in housebuilding is very poor. I recently purchased a new house & having spoken to the guys who have come to put defects right it appears that very few have had the benefit of structured training or indeed in some cases no pride in there work. Coupled with this is the dearth of the Site Foremen & Clerks of Works their sole purpose being to uphold standards of workmanship. What happened here? No one seems to understand that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well & if you get it right the first time you will not have to go back to it to put it right (sometimes more than once?). Think of the time/cost savings & potential profit. Put this right and you will eventually raise the profile of ‘The Builder’ as a skilled tradesman and someone to be valued in the community.

  2. It says, demonstrates a drive to take housebuilding in the UK more seriously. Unfortunately not in Scotland, the Scottish government’s response to a new homes ombudsman or something similar to that provided by the Sale of
    Goods Act as recommended by Scottish consumer council is – The Scottish government has no current plans to review consumer protection for new home buyers. Why does the Scottish gov treat us like second class citizens?

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