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CIOB events – what’s on in March 2021

Highlights of the CIOB calendar for the coming month. All events are online webinars unless otherwise stated
Repurposing Spaces: 2020 and Beyond

1 March, 6-7pm

With an increasing focus on sustainable practices and driven by the pandemic, the built environment is having to become even more creative in its use of space.

Join the CIOB and our great panel of speakers on this engaging CPD event about repurposing spaces.

We will be joined by Rob Burborough of 3PM, who will discuss commercial to labs, Daniel Buehler, from Welbeck Health, who will speak on conversion to medical and Steve Perkins, from Turner & Townsend, who will speak about high streets and town centres.

Engineering the Domino Sugar Refinery

9 March, 6-7pm

This event will look at the engineering behind the regeneration of the Domino Sugar Refinery Project in New York.

The structural team for the Domino Sugar Refinery will discuss:

  • The history of the structure;
  • Testing and surveying the existing masonry;
  • Preservation of the existing masonry;
  • Design and installation of the bracing;
  • Demolition of the existing interior components of the refinery;
  • Monitoring of the structure and nearby historic structures; and
  • Design of the unique structural elements (mat foundation, liner wall for flood design, atrium, vaulted glass roof).
Smoke Control Solutions

11 March, 1-2pm

Smoke control is a key part of any building’s fire strategy, as statistically smoke is the real threat to life in a fire situation.

Having effective smoke control systems in place means that, should a fire break out on site, occupants can evacuate quickly and calmly and the risks are reduced for firefighters.

Join Paul Evans from Ash Fire Management & Ventilation Systems for a live webinar on the specialist area of smoke control and the importance of venting smoke, heat and pressure.

The talk is certified by the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Sustainable Roofing Design

11 March, 1-2pm

Dave Campos, regional technical manager with the Garland Company UK, will present this live webinar.

This CPD seminar discusses the concepts and facts behind sustainable roofing. Contents covered are:

  • What does sustainable design mean?
  • Learn about different types of green roofing and the benefits of these.
  • Learn about reflective coatings/membranes and why they are used in building design.
  • Understand photovoltaic technology and how it can benefit the environment and the building owner financially.
  • Learn about recycled content in manufacturing and water harvesting.

The purpose of this seminar is to give an overview of most of the sustainable products and systems available, touching on their features and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Wildflower Sustainable Landscapes CPD

16 March, 4-5.30pm

Are you interested in sustainable landscapes? Join us for this virtual CPD event delivered by Helen Gillespie-Brown from Wildflower Turf, conveying Wildflower Turf’s decades of experience in delivering wildflower spaces. 

CIOB Virtual Adapt & Thrive Conference

24 March, 9am-5.30pm

Covid-19 continues to affect communities across the globe. The return of construction workers on site during the pandemic highlighted the importance of the construction, both economically and socially. Building hospitals in just a few days, the industry played a critical role in responding to the crisis

But with a shortage of skilled labour recognised before the pandemic hit, the role of digital technology and modernisation is key to future success and longevity.

The industry needs to reimagine the next normal to create a built environment that is fit for all.

  • What will the construction industry look like post-pandemic?
  • How does the built environment sector need to change to meet the changing needs of society?
  • How can the industry adapt to futureproof both the industry and the buildings it creates?

Speakers from a broad selection of Industry bodies, government officials, key influencers from the industry and innovative tech companies will share their vision for achieving an agile and productive industry that is fit to underpin the social and economic demands of modern day living.

Contact: [email protected] 

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