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CIOB coaching course delivers management skills

Dave Stitt’s techniques promote staff engagement
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The CIOB has launched a unique new management course for young construction professionals. Coach for Results, created by CIOB Fellow Dave Stitt, is delivered via the CIOB Academy.

The flexible 10-week course teaches how to incorporate coaching techniques into management style – enabling people in a leadership role (or heading for one) to become more effective managers and to guide teams to better results.

“I believe the command-and-control model, in which I was steeped as a young project manager, increases stress, stifles initiative and erodes engagement, with negative consequences for people and productivity,” says Stitt.

Dave Stitt

“A coaching approach fosters engagement, excitement and initiative”

Dave Stitt

“A coaching approach fosters engagement, excitement and initiative as people take control of their performance and grow in confidence.”

See Dave Stitt’s blog for more detail.

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