CIOB seeks views on post-pandemic growth inquiry

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has called on the construction industry offer its views to inform the CIOB response to a cross-party inquiry on how to drive economic growth after the covid-19 pandemic.

The Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee’s inquiry will consider areas including: investment, industrial strategy, jobs, skills, exports and sustainable growth.

The inquiry will involve a series of sub-inquiries examining issues such as devolution and the “levelling-up agenda”, the role of government might play as a shareholder or investor in businesses of the future, and the measures needed to stimulate economically and environmentally sustainable growth.

The CIOB said it was keen to garner evidence from members and the wider industry to inform its response, and is welcoming case studies, and details of challenges companies in the sector face, as well as recommendations.

It is particularly keen to hear from the industry about: how inconsistent policy impacts companies’ progress, the impact of the Green Homes Grant scheme on construction and whether there are unintended consequences, and views on the health of the construction supply chain and the impact of late payments on its resilience.

Views can be sent to the CIOB’s policy team at: [email protected]

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