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CIOB’s Novus launches recruitment drive in Ireland

Novus is seeking young construction professionals to join the community in Ireland.

Novus provides the opportunity to have a voice within the CIOB and the wider industry. 

James McAtasney, a project manager at Northern Ireland Housing Executive, recently joined Novus in Belfast. He has worked with members to deliver presentations promoting the benefits of CIOB membership to university students. 

McAtasney says he has been excited to get involved and urges others to follow suit. “I now have the opportunity to share personal experiences with the next generation of members and work alongside like-minded professionals who I can count on to provide me with advice and support when needed,” he said. 

“I am hoping to develop my own personal attributes throughout my time with Novus and build a network of connections within the industry. This will not only benefit my progression but potentially enhance future career opportunities as well.” 

If you are interested in joining, contact Julie Fitzsimmons: [email protected].

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