CITB prepares to hold vote on 2022-25 levy

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The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is to hold a vote on the collection of the industry training levy for 2022-25 this summer.

The CITB raises a levy from all but the smallest construction firms but postponed its annual consensus vote on the levy for the next three years last summer because of the covid-19 pandemic. Instead it sought a one-year levy order for this year’s assessments at reduced levy rates.

Now it proposes to return to pre-covid rates for the levy in 2022-25, which is set at 0.35% on PAYE and at 1.25% for net paid CIS subcontractors. Employers with a wage bill below £120,000 will be exempt and employers with a wage bill of £120,000 or more but below £400,000 will receive a 50% reduction.

To prepare for the vote, the CITB is running an industry-wide consultation on its draft levy proposals, which will open from 1 March until 11 April. Feedback from the consultation will be fed into the final levy proposals.

The consensus exercise that sees the industry vote on the levy proposals will then take place between 14 June and 15 August.

Outgoing CITB chief executive Sarah Beale, who leaves the organisation in September, said: “From your feedback we know now is the right time to proceed with running Consensus. We’re looking forward to talking with businesses from across the sector to understand their views, and explaining how we’ll use their money to provide the training and the skills that the industry needs.

“While views are sought on the draft Levy Proposals, CITB has also assessed the areas of greatest need for developing skills in the sector and will be testing the top 10 that our evidence suggests. CITB will enhance funding and support to these areas, which include skills gaps, jobs shortages, and the industry’s environmental impact.”

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