Why can’t all builders be a bit nicer?

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  1. Hi Sam, sure thing. I will call CM and request they forward my email to you.

  2. Hi Jason Irwin, I am also doing my dissertation on the costs and benefits of the CCS. Maybe we could have a chat.

  3. A company should not have to pay another company in order to be deemed considerate. It should be deemed considerate by its operational proceedures and practices and nothing else.

  4. The scheme says they have penetrated the all the big companies, but the latest site we worked on was poor for site tidiness, understaffed and with only one labourer on a £11m project and still flew the CCS flag. Big clean up when visitors were due otherwise get on with it.

    As for considerate, I think that the criteria should include how considerate these firms are towards their sub-contractors, the whole thing is quite misleading.

  5. I am a project manager for a small construction firm which is doing remarkably well with the monitors. However, I see it as almost impossible to reach a higher goal which would put us into an awards category. As such I have been researching if any small residential builders have ever won an award… My dissertation is based on this and I am yet to find one. How can the industry change if it does not start at the bottom and work it’s way up?

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