Construction managers’ pay tumbles 5.5%

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  1. Its hardly surprising that site managers wages have gone down, after all it only takes 5 days training on a SMSTS course and you meet the criteria!

  2. For Gods sake!!!!!!!
    What is going on? I and other brickies that I come across had our money cut from about 22k 4 years ago down to 14k which we are still struggling to improve on now. If the weather continues as it is we might as well pack it in now. Added to that 1) Can’t work because the silo’s knackered. 2 Can’t work because the crane is in. 3 Can’t work waiting for scaffolders. 4) Can’t work waiting on Chippies. 5 Can’t work haven’t got the materials needed. This after driving miles to sites for no return against high fuel prices. This all goes on at the bigger sites run by major companies. So please no more about the poor old surveyors and supervisors.

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