Industry takes legal advice as Bribery Act kicks in

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  1. I have worked in the construction industry for 50 years in ENGLAND (now retired) and I have never been made aware of corruption in the ENGLISH construction industry.
    Our forced introduction into Europe seems to have been an enormous mistake.

  2. The construction sector may be better than some because of its compliance training in relation to the Competition Act 1998 and Artiles 101 and 102 of TFEU. For the Bribery Act we await the “adequate procedures”, which hopefully will be drafted by the Autumn and provide a defence to the corporate offence and I will cover at my 5 October course. I think some companies are very good and have a corporate culture of compliance a point I tried to make in my article for Chartered Secretary on the Bribery Act which was published today but others are not so squeaky clean. Showers all round will be needed.

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