Consultation opens on building safety manager competence framework

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A public consultation process for a new specification which provides a framework for the competence of building safety managers has been launched by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The national standards body is seeking consultation from those in the construction, housing, fire and safety industries on PAS 8673.

The standard covers the competence and commitment of building safety managers in regard to:

  • building structures and building systems;
  • interaction of systems and components;
  • operational practices necessary to maintain buildings safe for occupants;
  • risk management;
  • managing change, including the consequences of human behaviour;
  • leadership, communication and planning skills; and
  • personal commitment to ethical behaviour and professional standards.

PAS 8673 is part of the Built Environment Competence Programme, which supports the Building Safety Bill. It is based on the recommendations and core competence criteria set out in BSI Flex 8670.

It describes different levels of competence for classifying building safety managers, depending on the building safety manager’s skills, knowledge, experience and responsibility and indicates the pathways between the different levels. It does not cover training requirements.

The consultation has already opened and is due to run until 15 September.

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