Councils failing ethnic minorities in contracts

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  1. Councils failing ethnic minorities in contracts!

    Please note the conference was organised by CESI and the Black Training and Enterprise Group.

    Good article but it does not help to exclude the black organisation behind the event.

  2. Sirs
    The comments would not be so serious, if we were not in a major recession when thousands of qualified tradesmen cannot find work, without the prospect of poorly qualified workers flooding into the remaining jobs, the prospects for the next two years have forced thousands of building workers to go overseas and now we are expected to accept that a workforce will replace us that is poorly trained. In the last 15 years we have seen workers with skills from around the world come to our shores and happily join the existing workforce, and accepted into the workforce in all roles, but now we are expected to accept monitoring to prove what?
    If there is a problem it comes from workers not having the correct skills or abilities. Urbanis obviously have worked their way into the market without monitoring as have hundreds of other minority companies. So why do we need further interference from local and national government to prove what that people applying to join our industry do not have the skills or educational standards to make the grade

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