Diversity – Are these our true colours?

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  1. An excellent article. As someone who has been championing diversity across the construction industry for many years I am proud to have seen the industry change, albeit slowly. But even having led the RICS as it’s first female President, I am well aware that there are clearly areas which need more attention than others. Unconscious bias is a major issue. While it won’t be changed overnight, the drive and enthusiasm for the Inclusive Employer Charter Mark, particularly by some of the UKs leading construction companies is exceptionally good news and will mean that change will happen and happen a bit quicker than over the past ten years!

  2. WISH – Women in Social Housing – has been championing diversity across the housing sector since it was set up as an informal networking organisation 12 years ago by two industry professionals, Debra Constance and Nicola Dibb. WISH’s all female networking enables women who are looking to succeed see other women who have achieved great things. WISH networking events invite role models to speak and share their experiences, advice and wisdom on how to get on in the housing sector. From these women gain aspiration, support, strength and mentoring.

    WISH believes that only when women begin to occupy senior positions will the culture of an organisation really change. Only then will diversity and equality issues that prevent women joining the sector, or progressing, get tackled. Having lots of senior women is great, but if they’re not in positions of real influence then little will change. There are many inspirational and passionate women working in our sector.

    To this end WISH is championing diversity through its ‘Change the face’ initiative to introduce the wide range of jobs available in the housing sector to pre-GCSE schoolgirls across the country. A short ’Change the face’ DVD has been produced showing women across the sector talking about how much they enjoy their careers in housing and construction, how they got into the sector and what differences they make to people’s lives. WISH wants to engage with young women, regardless of their academic abilities and send out the message that there really is something for everyone in housing.

    WISH is also a main sponsor of the annual ‘Women in Housing Awards’ and ‘Women in Housing Conference held in Manchester in October. The full day conference with key speaker Baroness Warsi aims to develop the skills women need to meet the challenges of the future. The awards recognise the talent and contributions of women in the housing sector recognising the outstanding role that women play in the continuing success of the sector.
    For more information about WISH visit

  3. Brilliant article. Been researching why diversity in construction is important as I put together a proposal for work on Diversity and Equality training. Has anyone got any recommendations on good companies to do this through? I’ve been looking at Keystone Training to do this through (, so if anyone has any notes or experience with them, could you email me [email protected], I would be very grateful!

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