Dutch self-healing concrete enters UK market

Basilisk’s self-healing concrete

A brand of self-healing concrete will go on sale in the UK, after JP Concrete signed a deal with Dutch firm Basilisk.

JP Concrete will use Basilisk’s self-healing concrete in its Sensicrete Self-Healing pre-cast range. The firm claims that the self-healing mix will extend product life by 30%.

Basilisk self-healing concrete contains bacteria that activate on contact with air and water. When a crack in the concrete forms, the bacteria multiply to produce calcium carbonate, sealing the crack with limestone.

The product has been developed by Dutch microbiologist Henk Jonkers.

JP Concrete is marketing Sensicrete Self-Healing as being suitable for flood protection, sea defence walls, earth retaining walls, silage clamps, grit salt stores, concrete tanks, and culverts and tunnels and claims that it requires less reinforcement than normal concrete.

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