Enhancing brand CIOB

Our brand relaunch sets a new tempo for the CIOB while reflecting almost 200 years of heritage, writes Kate Macbeth

The CIOB isn’t short of ambition. We want to enter new markets, inspire new audiences, and build on our rich heritage.

To maintain sustained success, though, it is essential that the CIOB identity is adaptable and dynamic, which is why I am delighted to announce our brand relaunch. This work has taken over a year to complete and involved consultation with more than 2,000 members and many different stakeholders around the globe.

“The overarching goal has been to enhance the recognition of the CIOB globally, creating clarity and consistency around our messaging”

The overarching goal has been to enhance the recognition of the CIOB globally, creating clarity and consistency around our messaging and helping us to further stand out from the crowd. Perhaps most importantly, we have been developing our brand to futureproof us, to ensure we are relevant and inspiring for the next wave of construction talent.

A crucial element in this transformation has been to recognise the vital importance of digital platforms. Putting digital first. If you have not recently explored our main CIOB website or social media channels, then have a look around. You will see how our new styling is being applied, with the use of photography, colour gradients, graphical expressions and typography.

Our new brand story

For the foundations of better construction
For re-defining quality
For demanding excellence
For standing up for what’s right

For meaningful change
For pressing policy makers
For thinking forward
For the science, data & insight
For transformational tools & tech
For the sake of the planet

For all the creators
For status and recognition
For taking talent further
For brighter mental health
For safer, healthier places

For protecting what matters
For public good
For quality of life
For one voice that benefits many

We are CIOB:
For standards.
For change.
For people.

The CIOB identity is so much more than a logo, but it is the anchor to who we are and what we do. The single most important way for audiences to recognise the brand and the stamp on anything we do.

Whatever carries our logo takes on all the associations of quality, credibility and honesty that our brand has built up over the years. We haven’t reinvented the wheel here – rather we have updated the design to be more impactful and adapted how we use our mark on different channels.

Our masterbrand approach to creating our sub-brands, like the CBC scheme or CMYA, makes our visual identity more consistent and joins up the dots of the many valuable products and services we offer.

You will also spot that we have a new colour palette to aid the recognition of brand CIOB by bringing more warmth, vibrancy and vitality to our visual communications.

This work sets a new tempo for the CIOB but it also reflects the successful heritage that has built up across almost 200 years of societal benefit. We have introduced a graphical expression which visually describes a cultural shift within the industry. That moment of change is the central thought at the heart of our identity which uses a shifting angle to portray the way in which we see our world and allows us to see things from a fresh perspective.

Over the coming days, weeks and months you will see more of our new identity released in various forms.

Kate Macbeth is director for marketing and digital at the CIOB.

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