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  1. Using COBie forces standardization and formatting of data sets that may arise from different sources. When you have a dataset that is formatted in a consistent manner it is easier to interrogate and manipulate that data via database applications for the various purposes of project lifecycle requirements, procurement, and FM. So not using COBie can be seen to be detrimental.
    FM maintenance, repair, and monitoring can be further enhanced by proper correlation of the COBie dataset that aligns with the O&Ms.
    One of the key considerations for BIM in the early days; 20+ years ago; was to minimize duplication of data and to ensure that all stakeholders are all working with the latest version. Version control is important; something not mentioned in this article.
    Validation and verification cited in BIM level 3 may conflict with the similar processes already defined in ISO9001, perhaps a topic for future discussion.

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