Grenfell Tower may be ‘taken down’ after engineers’ advice

Image: Dreamstime/Alex Danila

The government is to consult with residents, survivor families and the bereaved about “carefully taking down” Grenfell Tower.

The announcement from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) that it was considering such a move came after advice from engineering experts about the tower’s condition.

MHCLG said it would offer a mix of online presentations, personal meetings, and one-to-one discussions about the proposals with concerned parties.

It said there would be no change to the tower before the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster which killed 72 people, which falls in June 2022. “It will be at least a year before we begin to implement any decision while the current safety works are ongoing,” it added.

A range of experts have been advising the government on the condition of the tower including an independent surveyor, structural engineer Atkins, and principal designer Derisk. MHCLG said it has also commissioned an independent peer review of the engineering advice, which will be published alongside other information that will inform a decision on the tower.

Presentations on the proposals are expected to start next week (17 May), running until the end of June.

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  1. Despite the hand-wringing and breast-beating, the government response to making sure such an event can never happen again has been dismal.
    I do hope demolition won’t turn this into a case of “Once it’s out of sight it can be out of mind.”

  2. Take it down and build a new block fit for any of the survivors to live in if they so wish and name it as a memorial to those who lost their lives, this would provide much needed accommodation in the area and I feel a fitting tribute.

  3. A good time to build a flagship, fire resistant, sustainable, multi storey building to set an example of how to proceed ,addressing the housing shortage and multi -occupancy.
    Combined with reviewing the impact of covid19 and the requirement for green leisure space.
    The government could earn so many brownie points if they get this right !!!

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