A template for an offsite housing strategy

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  1. Offsite manufacturing of homes: we need to be very clear what part of the problem we are trying to solve, as I mentioned in a blog a while ago:


  2. Good to see the move to quality homes but there are issues in the future:
    1 – how are these upgraded if major components are shoe-horned into place in a factory environment?
    2 – if there is a catastrophe (fire / external damage etc) is there a repair process?
    3 – reference (2) does this mean that a module is “slid out” of the matrix or repaired in-situ?
    4 – are all modules confined to the dimensions of the box that cane transported on a wagon?
    5 – does the term “modules / modular” also refer to flat-pack?
    6 – if this is the case, how can factory quality be assured?

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