ICIOB membership grade: a correction

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  1. When I joined the CIOB at no time was it made clear or inferred to me that ICIOB was a stepping stone level of membership. I think that ICIOB or Incorporate membership is superb as it recognises individuals that do fall short of chartered membership (in my case because I do not do typical construction or site management) but are more skilled than associate grade professionals by their experience and qualifications in a technical rather than managerial area, and their breadth of skills. Rather like Incorporated Engineers (IEng) who fall short of chartered status but are assessed as having more skills than engineering technicians (EngTech). Rather than downgrade ICIOB members who do important jobs throughout the construction and built environment industry, the CIOB should draw itself in line with the Engineering Council and perhaps give some guidance as to the differences between the Chartered, Incorporate and Associate grades in the way that the EC does for Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporate Engineers (IEng) and Engineering Technicians (EngTech). See how there are three and three? It strikes me that the current membership grades are perfect. Tell an IEng that they are not a proper engineer and see what happens! Furthermore, looking at the statistics above I cannot see a problem but if ICIOB members were to be made associates then many might well leave and I would have thought that since a professional body is all about people that retaining and increasing membership whilst also maintaining standards is the key aim. Lastly, the CIOB says it represents many in the construction, built environment and building industry but unless the CIOB is prepared to open the EPA route and make it an avenue to those outside of construction management then it does not have a way for those outside of management to progress and this is a very good reason to keep the ICIOB grade.

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