Job spotlight: Vicki Reynolds, i3PT Certification – digital vision

Keeping up with the latest tech is at the heart of Vicki Reynolds’ role as chief technology officer at i3PT Certification
Vicki Reynolds, i3PT Certification

Describe a typical day in your job?

Every day in my job is completely different, and that is why I love it. As chief technology officer of i3PT I manage the technology and software development strategies for the business. This includes maintaining the development roadmap for our software platform CertCentral, as well as driving innovation and digitalisation both internally within the company and externally for our clients and the wider industry.

I keep up to date with new legislation and digital developments across the built environment by engaging with industry groups and initiatives, and by continuously working on my personal learning and professional development.

Does your role demand specific skills and knowledge? 

Alongside my role at i3PT I am the vice-chair of Women in BIM, a UK BIM Alliance Ambassador, part of the CIOB’s digital special interest group, a member of the Built Environment panel for the IET, and one of the founders of the Digital Twin Fan Club, so I’m never short of projects to work on.

"I keep up to date with new legislation and digital developments across the built environment by engaging with industry groups and initiatives"

Balancing these interests is probably the most challenging part of my job. I am extremely passionate about everything I devote my time to and I am not prepared to drop anything, so over the years I have had to become very good at managing my calendar and being clear and honest about what I can and cannot commit to. I need to retain a lot of detail about a lot of different things, and so the way I take notes and manage my tasks is extremely important. It sounds so simple, but good notetaking is critical for me to stay focused and productive.

You joined construction from another industry. How did you find the change? 

It was a shock. I found out quickly that one toxic influence in a project environment can be enough to make being a woman on site very uncomfortable. Thankfully, this was almost a decade ago and I genuinely believe that I have seen a change since then. I have had some wonderful mentors, and I have been a mentor for a handful of great women and men who are disrupting the industry from the inside.

I see my colleagues continuously pushing for improvement and innovation, and I can confidently say that today I believe construction is an exciting and rewarding career choice for any young person, whether they are male or female.

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