Laing O’Rourke goes all-inclusive

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  1. I fully agree with the sentiment of inclusive practices but, if the the progress of A.I. continues unabated won’t the future “construction worker” exclusively be a machine? Although I guess the upside is that the out of work will be a much more inclusive group.

  2. The driving force in hiring a work force at any level should be ability regardless as to who you are. Also the ability to be a team player. The most successful projects are most often lead by those people who have been in the military

  3. The first one sounds like the pressure selling executives – make examples of those ‘leaders’ who do well (or justify big bonuses) do you also make examples of those who don’t do as well.
    Perhaps a better pledge might be to give ALL workers a fair deal as an incentive and not just the ‘Leaders’.

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