Latvian modules shipped to Woolwich for Berkeley block

Berkeley Homes has built a six-storey, 19-apartment block in London’s Woolwich from modular units shipped from Latvia.

The 48 modules that make up the Officers’ House project in the Royal Arsenal Riverside development were built offsite by Forta Pro and kitted out with kitchens, bathroom appliances and even furniture.

The interior of one of the modular units

The Latvian firm first produced a mock-up module containing all the interior elements, which were tested and approved by Berkeley prior to production. All the technical elements were produced in accordance with British Standards, with quality control at each stage of production, Forta Pro said.

The modules were transported from Forta Pro’s Ventspils factory in Latvia

The modules were transported from Latvia to London in a single day and were assembled on site using crane and a small assembly team. 

Gints Bimanis, Forta Pro board member and head of the firm’s project management department, said: “Forta Pro is happy to announce that we have just completed our first residential building in the UK. There were many challenging issues, but we did it in very high quality!” 

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