L&G’s factory homes delivery pushed back again

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  1. Let’s imagine that this is a factory producing no-frills jet aircraft, let’s call it the Legal & General Early Bird airline aimed at discount flyer’s everywhere. Allow me to ask you a question: “Would you purchase a flight ticket?” and for millions the quick answer is ‘No’. And so, it is with prepack houses, the USA and Canada have attempted to sell the homes arriving on a truck idea for years, and they’ve all flopped. Why? Because even low income, first time home buyers want quality, they want visible tradition and workmanship with sizable living space and kerb appeal. For this good reason: Legal & General cannot make this concept work, and within 10 years the adverse word-of-mouth backlash against their dolls house ideas will force this factory into closure. For instance, would you want to buy a used pre-pack home, wait 15 years and you can have a choice of thousands, all unsellable and spoken about as unwanted trailer trash communities. I predict that quick-build will fall flat on its face, and all over Britain these quick-build housing emergency homes will be empty, abandoned and vandalised. Another problem will be that the mortgage debt will be far greater than their expected resale value and people will hand in the keys and walk away.

  2. The cost of housing is dominated by planning gain. When this changes the cost of a plot of land big enough for a house from less than £1000 to nearly £200,000 then the building cost becomes much less important.

    Were the govrnment to change the planning system to minimise planning gain then construction costs would become much more important.

    We could aim at starter homes for £30,000 not £300,000. Of course that might cause house prices to fall and trouble some banks

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