Lib Dem policies alarm construction industry

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  1. We are in a public sector driven economy at the moment which is good in the short term for construction work, but where is the money coming from? Not from my children when they start earning nor from my pension I hope.
    I think this country needs wealth to be generated from the entrepreneurial spirit from the likes of our specialist contractors, and specifically the skilled people they employ. Future wealth can also come from innovation – applying science and technology and turning ideas into reality. The eco – economy needs enthusiasts who may be private individuals or local organisations who club together with a vision that is achievable in small scale first.
    I think big public sector and private sector organisations behave just like the banks – enjoying short termism on the backs of those whom we do not reward. They shift risk for short term financial gain rather than investing where real success could come. Meanwhile they are swelling with tiers of non-productive advisors and administrators to justify their short term decisions.
    So I support this coalition government in not being afraid to act in the national interest.
    Let long termism ride higher than short termism for a while, and instead of false levels construction activity that lead to an unimaginable problem of the UK having a shortfall in funds that has spiralled out of control, we will have a construction industry which has adapted to survive.


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