Mayor puts £25m into compact apartments

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  1. 20% cheaper, but 24% smaller, sounds like a good deal. obviously following the Cadbury / Mars etc formulae for increase by size change.

  2. Fantastic plan. Think we can do the same in Nigeria to solve the housing problem in Nigeria.

  3. I am all for micro living, or pocket living, or whatever it may be called; but the important aspect for me is convenience not the proverbial sardine packing. I congratulate Pocket Living with their efforts to solve the housing problem in the UK (at least in London). Our own scheme is 61 square meter Turlon home for £41,000 (less foundation and land costs). At least now everybody is thinking big to provide small homes for the young generation. Thank you guys! the pie is too big for all designers and builders, so more the merry!

  4. Pocket Living are one of the few designers of micro flats who understand the key principle that you should not cook and sleep in the same space, and you need a bed ready made up, not one you have to assemble and disassemble daily.

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