McAlpine installs sunlight lamps to combat winter blues

Image: Sir Robert McAlpine

Sir Robert McAlpine has installed special lights that simulate daylight to help workers combat the winter blues.

The ‘SAD lights’ have been installed in the basement offices of a site in London. The specialised lights are claimed to be capable of relieving symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is estimated to affect around 20% of the population.

Symptoms of SAD are generally experienced during the winter months when there is a lack of natural light and can include low mood, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating and lack of motivation.

McAlpine decided to install the lights after concluding that workers in basement offices could be more susceptible to SAD year round due to the lack of natural lighting underground.

The SAD lamps simulate sunlight, which trigger the brain to release serotonin, also known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone. The lights are also thought to help the with regulating the sleep-wake cycle, adjusting the body’s circadian rhythm when daylight hours are short.

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