Meet the working mums of construction

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  1. An article that deserves further discussion, one small point.

    This article missed an opportunity to link with another in the magazine (MACE Offsite Cladding), as the PM leading the Client Team at UCLH Phase 5 is a working mother who manages to balance her career with her husbands and family life.

  2. Thanks Paul, a good point. Here is the link to the article you mention, at UCLH, where Nicola Scammell was Mace’s project manager:

  3. It is good to see the change in adopting more female part time workers in construction project. However, the effect on the project success has been ambiguous in the long-term. There has been limited empirical studies or data supporting this point. Further studies should be conducted to test the relationship between employing more female part time workers and the project success in terms of organisation profitability, extra cost(e.g opportunity cost), and efficiency.

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