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Members share lockdown stories at virtual Hub in the Pub

Members from all over the north of England came together for a virtual catch-up in the summer, sharing stories about their time in lockdown and discussing their hopes for the future of CIOB. 

Hub Committee members from the seven regional hubs were joined by Novus representatives, local members and some newer student members at the session chaired by CIOB Trustees Paul Young, Tim Barrett and European Region Hub chair Derek Humphreys.

“It was great to put faces to names and offer help and support to new members and for them to get to know their local hub and Novus members from all over the north of England,” said Young.

Further sessions are planned through autumn with the next event on Wednesday 23 September with Manchester Novus chair Nicola Hodson leading the session.

If you are MCIOB or FCIOB, either living or working in the region, this will also be an opportunity to find out more about standing for your local hub committee. 

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