Millennials are key to fixing the labor shortage

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  1. Taylor Ryan has a point but also misses a point. Of course, young people are important to our construction industry, but Taylor Ryan is way off the mark if he thinks we “mature” builders are unused to change, unable to embrace new methodology, incapable of getting out of a rut!!
    Many, many years ago I taught “The History Of Building” (in addition to being a day-to-day builder). I mention this because it’s no use starting off a construction at knee height; what comes in the future is a development of, and built upon, what we learned in the past. Construction still means overcoming the elements; balancing and countering natural forces; controlling competing influences and delivering a good consumer experience on time-on budget-on spec.

    Construction is not, and is unlikely ever to be, a paperwork exercise.

    It will always need a blend of experience and energy to optimise its end product. So don’t negate the contribution that older, or younger, exponents deliver to the process. Stress instead the TEAMWORK across the spectrum.
    Victor Cooper MCIOB
    Age Positive

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