Morgan Sindall introduces ‘mood meters’ to aid worker mental health

Morgan Sindall workers display their ‘mood meters’

Morgan Sindall has introduced ‘mood meters’ that allow site workers to show their colleagues how they are feeling each day.

The company said the move came in response to the effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on some people’s mental health, with a lack of social life and continued work impacting some workers.

The idea aims to support workers and managers by encouraging them to take a ‘mood tag’ and stick it on their chest when they arrive on site.

The mood meter tags offer the choice of a green emoji if workers are feeling calm, yellow for happy, red for stressed, and blue for tired.

Morgan Sindall said that the tag helped colleagues to identify when it was the right time to support their co-workers, talk to them, and offer them company during breaks.

The tags also inform management about how operatives feel during the day, and allows them to group workers depending on their mood to cut down on incidents and mistakes, for example by pairing a ‘tired’ colleague up with a ‘happy’ colleague in order to transfer energy between them.

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