Multiplex to slash on-site emissions to zero by 2025

Multiplex has pledged to cut its on-site carbon emissions to zero by 2025, as it set out a series of actions to help its European operations achieve net zero carbon by 2050, including supply chain emissions.

In its new strategy, called ‘One Decade to Act’, Multiplex made a series of carbon emissions commitments by 2030, including:

  • Zero onsite emissions by 2025
  • 50% reduction in embodied carbon intensity by 2030
  • Net zero carbon building operations by 2030
  • Zero transport emissions by 2030
  • Zero avoidable waste by 2030

Multiplex said it estimated that 98%-99% of its carbon footprint is associated with its scope three emissions, which includes actions undertaken by its clients and supply chain.

One Decade to Act brings together the climate commitments Multiplex has already made to date and importantly maps out an action plan to meet them.

The strategy will be delivered according to a Climate Action management framework to ensure Multiplex’s board and management teams govern progress against its carbon goals and targets.

Multiplex said it also recognised that culture change would be integral to achieving its carbon targets and that One Decade to Act includes a cultural and behavioural change programme for Multiplex’s people, clients and supply chain called ‘Educate, Engage, Empower’.

Callum Tuckett, managing director of Multiplex’s Europe business, said: “Success will come through actions, not words. One Decade to Act is based on taking practical, evidence-based steps founded on climate science, research and collaboration. We must promote cultural and behavioural change within and beyond our business, working closely with our clients and supply chain to achieve these goals together.”

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  1. So will any of their buildings use timber??

    In a nutshell – this is just shiftingthe problem elsewhere. Stop falling for all this green nonsense, the price is too high!

    Watch The Dark Side of Green Energy (Search for it by name) – then tell us all how you will avoid contributing to the green pollution!

    Of course this will never be printed eh! Why is that?

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