New scheme to help small firms with equality law

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  1. I would be inclined to challenge the partners. No mention of the academics involved. This is a standard developed by academics for a real world application.

    Different framework standards? Are we being asked to accept we cannot compare apples with apples?

    Four main standards! Plus PSED! Plus bespoke! How do they do it and how will they manage it? This loosely couple organisation has been kicking around for some time and I have yet to hear of a proper commercial transaction using their standard…whichever one it is.

    There are also different approaches for large and medium main contractors, medium and small sub-contractors, housing associations that develop properties and non-developing HAs.

    Different approaches, so now we have 4+ standards and apparently 7 ish approaches…sound very complicated to me.

    The framework will offer yadi yadi – the same as everyone else! Why do we need yet another standard or another pilot scheme.

    “Using a single specific equality and diversity framework for the whole industry” – A statement of the obvious.
    However, it looks like they are heading too far the other way. Who was it that said: “While businesses and industries may differ, many of the problems they face are similar. However, too much has been made of these differences, and not enough has been made of the similarities.”

    “Our various framework standards are clear and easy to follow, and come with a range of supporting documents so firms don’t have to worry about employing consultants or a lawyer to prepare a policy, which we estimate could save the average firm around £2,000-£3,000. Each standard is tailored to be specific to the resources a firm has, the type of clients they have, and their sub-contractors, all of which has an impact on how staff and people associated with the company are treated,” she said.
    I see so it is a 4 X 7 matrix that is good for the AS-IS (in change management language) but not the TO-BE so as a client do I need to watch how I grow or expect to overspend on the differences?

    In the words of a famous consultant “the minute an industry sets its standards by only looking inward, that is the minute that that industry standards start to decline.”

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