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New Training Partner launches embodied carbon calculator

Left to right: Proquant Estimating directors (top row) Donald Campbell, Justin Wilcox, Oliver Wilcox, (front row) Matthew Boyle, Grant Lithgow

Macclesfield-based estimating business Proquant Estimating has become a CIOB Training Partner (TP).

Started nine years ago to provide a residential estimating service, the Macclesfield-based business has grown to carry out over 50,000 estimates throughout the UK for more than 7,000 customers and 600 merchant branches. It recently launched an embodied carbon emissions calculator with carbon offsetting service.

Oliver Wilcox, director at Proquant, says becoming a TP is part of the firm’s aim to provide a high standard of estimating service.

“Comprehensive training of our estimators has been essential. We have put over 20 estimators through our existing training scheme, which typically takes six to 12 months,” he says.

“The partnership with the CIOB is a natural fit for us, and not only does this strengthen our training programme, but it also offers our staff and company valuable industry accreditation.”

As part of its growth business mindset, Proquant has developed its carbon calculator. Using various studies, it has been able to establish the embodied carbon emissions of building materials and labour and plant tasks, and converts them into relevant units of measurement to quantify the embodied carbon footprint.

Proquant then offers customers the opportunity to offset the embodied carbon emissions through the planting of trees. The feedback from customers has been positive.

“This innovative move by Proquant has not only blown me away as an individual but is very appealing to our prospective and current clients,” says John Newland-Jenner, managing director of JNJ Building Solutions.

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