Non-furloughed Wates staff back on full pay

Non-furloughed Wates Group staff are to return to full pay with immediate effect.

Chief executive David Allen thanked colleagues for the “amazing efforts” they had made to keep the business operating throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Apart from a 48-hour pause in March, Wates said "virtually every project" has continued to operate throughout the last three months.

Allen said: “I want to thank all my colleagues for the amazing job they’ve done of keeping the show on the road. Because of their efforts and professionalism, we have been able to take the positive decision to return people to full pay in July.  We will continue to support our furloughed colleagues, topping up their pay to a minimum of 70% of their salary.

“I’m proud of the great things the Wates Group has achieved during this testing time, and particularly of our work supporting the NHS by helping to create new facilities at both the Royal London Hospital and the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Sunderland.

“We are now focused on accelerating into the second half of 2020 and on playing our part in responding to the government’s call to ‘Build, Build, Build’.”

In May, the company announced that it was making around 300 employees – around 8% of the workforce – redundant in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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