Pocket: the saviour of city living?

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  1. We really must fight this move to build small homes as a, so-called, way to address the unaffordability of housing for many people.

    I have blogged about this in the past where I ask what we will propose next – trailer parks? –

    The proposals to have rents at 20% below current ‘market’ rents, by building homes which are 24% smaller is just building smaller homes and charging more per square meter. By this standard the rents are actually above market rent not below.

    If we really want to solve the housing crisis what we should be doing is covered by another blog post of mine: – .

  2. Aren’t HKR Architects also working on a project which will have living units as small at 16m2?

    Shameful for an Architect to be doing this, slums of the future.

    As the price of units in this development, also shameful.

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