Quality alarm bells over permitted development plans

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  1. Equally alarming is the loss of places of employment with more and more people pushed onto trains and the roads commuting to places of work far from home.

  2. Agree it needs to be regulated but at the same time we can’t stick with the same outdated and cumbersome planning criteria which has contributed a lot to the crises.
    Can Building Control not inspect and es ire standards are being maintained. A predetermined list of all qualifying criteria – min size / materials / access etc etc. is made public my available and Control inspects before issuing an occupancy certificate. Insurers not allowed to insure u less occupancy certificate is issued?

  3. As Anthony Bonnett has stated, it is the responsibility of the LA to ensure that dwelling standards comply with the Building Regulations, which will have been approved prior to construction. Surely, the policy of Permitted Development only refers to Planning Approval aspects & not to the specification of materials or the details of construction? Is this debacle just another example which highlights the failure of LA & client supervision?

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