Raising the bar on retrofit – a new BSI standard

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  1. A great idea in concept. I have to wonder just how many householders will see the value in undertaking these works, it’s hard enough to get more financially astute commercial companies to appreciate the long term value of energy conservation. I forsee the uptake being low unless householders are adequately incentivised by government grants, I suspect that most folk would prioritise a nice family holiday or keepign their car on the road.

  2. Since Autumn 2018, when Bristol 1st declared a Climate Emergency, there are now some 58M people (out of the UK’s 66M population) whose Local Government has done likewise!

    & among the most important things that these can do is to get/encourage/ facilitate the upgrade & retrofit of all existing buildings (domestic & non domestic) to the highest energy & other building quality standards

  3. Think of the work that would create for the entire industry bringing the housing stock up to present day standards

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