Soft Landings set for 2016 BIM tie-in

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  1. The Government Soft Landings Policy is now on the BIM Task Group website:

  2. I strongly suggest that you download Soft Landings Framework (BG / 2009) for free from the BSRIA webite. You will then find that it starts at project Inception and goes through a series of Post Occupancy Evaluation over at least 3 years of Aftercare.

    It is not a question of a patronising ‘holding the client’s hand’, but living up to the responsibility that just about every other industry has of an “after sales service”. Does a maker of airliners forget about them once sold? No, they work constantly alongside the airlines to maintain their airworthiness. What do I do if my dishwasher or vacuum cleaner has fault? I call the manufacturer to send mechanic to repair it.

    COBie is just a series of downloads from BIM software. And those are Excel spreadsheets. As Paul Morrel has explained, BIM is a process, not just software. Its role is to enable much better communication and decision making within the integrated project team from client, through FM manager and construction manager, right down to the end of the supply chain

    BIM is there to enable collaboration under Soft Landings. Leading companies and, probably, some public sector clients are already implementing BIM and Soft Landings.

    Finally, unlike software, there is currently only one Soft Landings and that is the one on the BSRIA website. GSL will be based on that, be essentially it will be a process, not a choice of software. All this information is easily available from websites.

  3. I would like to question the title of the event “Soft Landings – Delivering Buildings that Work from Day One” . A key aim of Soft Landings is to work towards a graduated handover of buildings rather than day one completion mindset. Due to the increasing complexity of buildings the point of optimisation of these buildings is often 1- 2-3 years after PC.

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