Speller Metcalfe to use IPI on Derby Silk Mill project

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  1. Does anyone know why this approach was called IPI?

    The fundamental reason it delivers better project performance is the use of a project alliance contract to remove barriers to collaboration. The insurance product is a great idea, especially to overcome some of the common concerns from people who have not worked this way before.

    In my experience once you have worked with a good project alliance, you wouldn’t want to use any other approach. Insurance is actually not a prerequisite – a project alliance can work very well at delivering better project outcomes without it. But I do understand why a one-off client, especially in the public sector, might be willing to pay the premium for someone else to cover the risk of going over budget, and make it feel more certain.

    I hope Derby Museums, Speller Metcalfe, and the rest of the supply team have a great project. Are any other companies involved in the alliance?

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