Survey: Dust risks in construction

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Dust is a major cause of cancer-related deaths in construction and Construction Manager is asking how the industry should tackle the problem.

Take the poll below to give us your views on dust risks and how control measures could be improved.

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  1. The dust risk factors are the same risks whether you are working with a Teir 1 contractor or completing maintenance or domestic tasks, issues from a wide range of risks are far better policed and targeted at the larger companies.
    Far to many smaller companies are still getting away with not mitigating risks due to costs and attitudes, think it time attitudes were changed.

  2. Whilst I believe that the risks presented by dust generated by high speed saws and drills is recognised by a growing number of small builders, those presented by general site dust (e.g. at the Friday afternoon clear up) is not, despite the availability of powerful vacuum cleaners.

    This is not only a question of costs and attitude, but of education and publicity..

    Russell Norris [Retired Contractor and Building Consultant] 22.x.20

  3. The evidence is clear and easy to hear if not always easy to see. I have been in the flooring industry for less than 1year and have yet to meet anybody over the age of 35 in the “flooring game” who does not have a persistent cough or chest complaint.
    This is not just about the particles you can see but the small respirable particles you take into your lungs on a daily basis during construction work.
    We are putting the entire economy under huge strain trying to combat the COVID pandemic,but I guarantee that far more lives will be lost due to the ongoing/systemic lack of control of dust in construction in the UK.

  4. How many years have we in the Cons’t.industery being discussing
    H.A.V-Dust.Hearing protection,manual handling etc.
    It’s frightening when you speak to operatives using drills,disc cutters,rubbing down doors, skirting boards,plaster board,all giving off very fine dust which is so dangerous to their lungs,they are not aware of all the issues effecting their health.
    There is signage all over sites high lightening the dangerous of dust and how to protect themselves by wearing the correct mask F.F.P.3 after having
    Denis Lawler
    27 Oct.2020

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