10 myths about construction apprenticeships

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  1. As a recent ex-apprentice, I would wholeheartedly agree with almost all the points and commend CM for dispelling the myths around apprenticeships. Work absolutely has do be done, though, around points 3 & 4. There are, unfortunately, a lot of poor quality apprenticeships about with an absence of structure and appropriate development throughout as well as plenty that fail to consider what to do with apprentices post study. Equally, there is still a gap between what is often valued as ‘good’ qualifications by industry and what is on offer by apprenticeship providers. Having studied at both university and higher apprenticeship level, I can say that the quality of teaching on apprenticeships varies wildly and is often lacking.

  2. We have successive governments to thank for this the word apprenticeship has become so diluted it is virtually meaningless and yet construction apprenticeships continue to offer good and meaningful careers to young people of both sexes with positive job prospects

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