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The advantages of press connection technology

Welding and soldering have long been the preferred means for connecting pipes. But advancements in press connection technology have established the technique as a faster, safer and more reliable alternative
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Speed and efficiency are key factors that project managers must consider before proceeding with a chosen method for a project. Thanks to its straightforward process that requires little preparation, installing pipework using press connection technology can be up to 50% faster than a soldered connection.

Impressive time savings can also be seen when press connections are used in connecting thick-walled steel pipe, compared to welding. Independent laboratory testing with the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) compared the two methods, finding that where welding took 29 hours and 59 minutes to complete the assembly, Megapress press connections took just six hours and 38 minutes. This meant that the use of Viega’s Megapress system resulted in time savings of 78%.

Crucially, the speed of the press connection process does not come at the expense of reliability. Each connection is made through a machine press process – meaning there is no variation in the quality of each connection as the press tool ensures a uniform seal every time.

The Pressgun 6 Plus in use on site
The Pressgun 6 Plus in use on site

The press connection process is also far safer than traditional methods. Hot works, such as soldering and welding, can present a health and safety hazard. Welding fumes have recently been reclassified as a human carcinogen by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

With no heat involved, press connections present none of these risks. Ultimately, a safer working environment is assured when using press connection technology.

Press connections create a uniform seal

Press connections create a uniform seal

Viega press tools make two pressings simultaneously per connection – one in front of the sealing element and one behind it – making a strong, durable and torsional resistant connection. Should a connection be missed during the installation process, Viega fittings are equipped with SC-Contur – a dedicated leak path designed to deliver a clearly visible forced leakage across the entire pressure testing range – so any inadvertently missed connections can be immediately identified.

Considering the benefits offered by press connection systems, it is important to use the correct tool for the job. Pressgun 6 Plus is Viega’s latest model, offering an improved ergonomic design and equipped with a 360° infinitely rotatable jaw.

The Pressgun 6 Plus also features a built-in status indicator that also communicates to the Viega Tool Services app. With this functionality, the user can check safe operation, enable anti-theft protection, monitor the number of pressings they have made and view battery levels.

“At Viega we believe that the industry should work smarter, not harder,” says Scott James, managing director at Viega. “Huge advancements have been made to press connection technology in recent decades.

Viega’s Pressgun 6 Plus
Viega’s Pressgun 6 Plus

“In terms of efficiency, consistency and reliability, press connection far outperforms traditional techniques – not only massively reducing the installation time required but also offering certainty that each connection is totally uniform. Safer conditions on site are also assured, with no heat required during the process.

“Our ambition at Viega is to constantly bring products equipped with the latest innovative technology to market. The Pressgun 6 Plus is testament to that. This latest extension to our Pressgun range has been designed to deliver a higher level of performance than ever and, alongside the new digital connectivity, will provide unprecedented levels of
user functionality.”

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